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Marlin Logistics is India's first comprehensive portal for the Logistics Industry. It is a platform where organizations seeking logistics services can engage with service providers seeking business. Our aim is to connect the two parties, the companies and logistics service providers. And effectively remove the middleman.

We understand that the knowledge based logistics industry requires continuously updated information. The need of the hour is not to just get information, but to get right information at right time. The only way to respond to change is to create platform for right information. In a knowledge based organization, the risks for failure are low.

Marlin Logistics is an endeavor to help organizations and service providers to provide platform to exchange requirement and service available.The logistics industry in India is not new but the problems afflicting the industry are many. LogisticsIndiaGuide addresses some of the most pertinent problem afflicting logistics industry. We are making an attempt to remove the hurdles. We bring to you our huge database of logistics service providers .You no longer have to ‘make-do' with whomever your preferred vendor sends but pick and choose from the best.



Whenever you have requirement, post your requirements on our website. Wait and watch as competent service providers respond to your requirement. You can also search for the perfect service providers from our database of service providers. 


Service Providers


Let the world know about your skills and experience. Register and start your marketing right away. Reach hundreds of organizations without having to make a single phone call or sending out emails. Enjoy being the ‘wanted' one.


Behind the Scenes


Marlin Logistics is managed by a group of experienced logistics professionals who have extensive experience in Indian Logistics Industry. The group members bring with them experiences ranging from 12 years to 20 years.

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